Cal Dual Conductor "Kickless" Cables

The CAL line of Dual Conductor, water-cooled cables features a wide variety of terminals designed to meet all required applications. See the following pages for the industry standard terminals. CAL Manufacturing Company, Inc., has the capability to manufacture various terminals that you may require, per your specifications.

The use of 99.9% pure copper rod for our terminals, along with silver brazing of the conductor rope to the terminal allows for 100% conductivity. The only exception is our “L” terminal, which is a cast terminal, and requires some soft solder for connection.

The CAL cable features copper conductor ropes, each separated by a synthetic neoprene separator first introduced to the market by CAL. The conductor ropes are arranged alternately in a positive negative relationship within the neoprene extrusion, thus giving alternated polarity to the electrical forces and reducing excessive vibration or “KICK”.

The positive conductors are grouped at each end and stamped into a fitting which is silver brazed to the terminal. The negative conductors, by the same process, are brazed to the other half of the terminal.

The whole assembly is enclosed into a specially designed high quality rubber hose.

The terminals are assembled using high quality micarta for insulation between the two halves of the terminal. The single “O” ring principle, first introduced by CAL is used between the terminals to provide a positive water seal. A metal band over the hose at the “O” ring point completes the assembly.

 O Ring Type Seal