Why Cal Cables

Five reasons why Cal Manufacturing cables
have earned our customers’ trust.

ONE: We’ve proven our success through 50 years of exceeding customer expectations.

When it comes to welding cables, service and satisfaction are Cal Manufacturing’s watchwords. Our line of cables for resistance welding is backed by design, development, testing and proven performance through 50 years of success in a multitude of applications. The need to deliver service and satisfaction drives everyone at Cal Manufacturing. No one will works harder to please customers than we do.

TWO: We maximize flexibility and minimize rigidity to create a more versatile cable.

Cal Manufacturing carefully selects materials and specifies clearance tolerances to minimize rigidity. The result is a highly flexible cable. Need even more flex? We build our line of extra-flexible cables from copper wire stranded for ultra flexibility. Our XL line of cables is built from stranded wire rope containing four times as many super-fine wires. Some customers have found that these cables last up to five times longer than conventional cables under flexing conditions. Under high-heat applications, you many have to up-size these cables.

THREE: We maximize cooling performance to extend cable life.

Careful design of Cal Manufacturing’s Dual Conductor water-cooled cable results in an effective cooling system which provides for adequate flow of water around all the conductor ropes. The special attention we give to additional water flow within the rear portion of the terminal also increases the cooling characteristics. The flow of water through the conductors, together with the extra-large water openings in the rear of the terminals, minimize the blockage of water passages due to broken strands or other foreign matter. This process contributes to longer cable life.

FOUR: Our dual conductor alternate polarity reduces vibration and contributes to longer cable life.

We arrange copper conductor ropes, with a special stranding, insulated from each other by our synthetic neoprene extrusion, in alternate polarity relationship to achieve an excellent balance of electrical forces. This reduces the pulsing vibration (KICK), reduces the AC voltage drop across the cable and promotes longer cable life.

FIVE: Our mechanically strong terminals mean 100% conductivity.

The CAL Dual-Conductor cable features a mechanically strong terminal of pure non-alloy copper rod which delivers 100% conductivity. We use a silver-brazing process to attach the terminals to the conductors. There are no soft-soldered or mechanically fastened joints in a CAL Dual Conductor cable with stranded terminals. This excludes  the “L” terminal, which is a cast, two-part terminal requiring some soft solder for assembly.