Cable Repair and Rebuilding Service, Recycling Services

Cal Manufacturing, Inc., offers a fine, complete repair service of cables or for outer cover replacement where this is the only work necessary.

Cables returned for repair can be accepted only when transportation charges are PRE-PAID. Returned cables will be partially dis-assembled for inspection. Cal Manufacturing performs an inspection report on all returned cables. The customer is then notified as to the repair or replacement charges and work to be done. If the customer decides not to continue with the work, the cable(s) will not be re-assembled or returned.

We do not repair Air-Cooled jumper cables or Laminated Shunts.

Repair service: Dual or single conductor, water-cooled cables.

If, after removal of the outer cover and thorough inspection, the cable is found to be repairable, the repairing process consists of the following as a minimum. (Unless recovering is all that is found necessary.)

1. Clean out the water passages to ensure adequate water flow.

2. Renew pipe threads, or install reducing bushings, if threads cannot be renewed.

3. Install new water seals (Dual Conductor only).

4. Replace insulation between terminals (Dual Conductor only).

5. Recondition terminal surface, or replace not more than one terminal where necessary.

6. Install outer covering, using new bands.

7. Test for water flow and leaks. Short test Dual Conductor Cables.

Rebuilding or Replacement:

If our inspection indicates returned cables are not suitable for a "recover" - meaning all or part of the nonferrous metals are unable to be reused, the nonferrous metals will be weighed and a credit based on current recycle value of nonferrous metals shall be provided to you.

 **Pricing will be provided for all cables based on our ability to either simply recover them with new hose and bands or

**Pricing will be provided for a rebuild meaning pricing will factor in the nonferrous metals (terminal ends and braided rope) that needs to be replaced.

Note:  A rebuild is essentially and for the most part a new cable and pricing will be closer to that of a new cable; however, we do provide, as stated, credits toward recyclable materials. 

When terminal ends only are returned, an allowance of $8.00 minimum per set (Both ends) is given on Dual Conductor Cables, and a minimum of $6.00 per set for single conductor Water-Cooled Jumpers. These terminals must be returned PRE-PAID.

Reconditioned parts are used for rebuilding or replacement; however, all cables rebuilt or replaced by CAL always contain new conductor ropes, new inner separator and new outer coverings. Salvage credit cannot be given for cables or terminals shipped to us in excess of the number ordered.

Additional Savings Incentive:  Once we receive your returned cable for evaluation on repair, rebuild, we can assess a credit toward the rebuilt cable or a credit toward a new replacement cable. 

Questions, Problems or Concerns: The engineers at Cal Manufacturing, Inc., are available to assist you with any repair/rebuild questions you have at 269-649-2942 or via e-mail at

 Cal Manufacturing, Inc., also offers a recycling service for your copper discarded parts - for additional information contact Deb at