CAL Laminated Shunts, Seam Welding Wheels, Busbars

CAL Manufacturing has adopted a different process than other manufacturers for laminated Shunts. A CAL laminated shunt can be hand wound and formed as well as formed with cut laminations.

When the laminations are not cut, but continue around the ends of the shunt without interruption, the current may also flow around the ends. This results in a greatly improved distribution of current and a more even distribution of heat throughout the entire shunt.  Both methods of shunt formation are utilized depending on the size and nature of the shunt being designed.

The standard CAL shunt is made from .005" copper laminations but .003" and .010" are available upon request.

Fill out the sheet on the next page or provide us with a drawing or print with the following information.

Length to the outside sheet (OL)Laminations to be used .005" Etc.
Width (W)End treatment (Clip, Solder Etc.)
Thickness, excluding clip (T)Type of shunt ("C", "J", "L" "F" Etc.)
Drill size or boll size

Drill pattern (See next page)

Examples of shunt configuration below:

 Laminated F Shunts
 J Shunt
 C Shunt
L Shunt