CAL Single Conductor Water-Cooled Cables (WCJ)

The CAL line of single conductor, Water-Cooled Cable Jumpers feature a wide variety of terminals designed to meet all required applications. The terminals shown on the following two pages are only some of the terminals that CAL can provide. If you require a different terminal than is pictured, let us know, and we can provide you with a quote.

Water-Cooled Cable Jumpers are available as standard in 300MCM - 350MCM - 400MCM - 500MCM 600MCM - 750MCM and 1000MCM. Other circular mill sizes and or special terminals can be furnished upon request.

CAL cables feature both extruded copper and cast copper terminals depending on the terminal configuration. A phosphorous bronze spring is centered within the copper conductor rope:

1. To minimize the possibility of restricted water flow should the cable be subjected to acute bending during operation, and

2. To act as a filter for broken copper strands and other foreign material to prevent clogged water passages. This spring can be eliminated for special requirements.

The copper conductor ropes are stranded to our specifications for flexibility and long life. XL Stranding is now available for Water-Cooled jumpers. The outer cover is a one braid high quality rubber hose specifically sized for flexibility and terminal diameter. The special stranding plus the special sizing put together a combination resulting in a quality cable jumper.

 Robot Dress Out Products are now available and custom built to your design needs for all of our cables.  What's so special about these cable protection and management products?

Strain relief components are engineered to provide significant reduction in the wear and tear, stress and friction that normally occurs with "kick" and pulse of robotics and equipment used in automation.


Eliminate the guess work and let us handle the rest - our specialized staff will build a strain relief dress out component for your specialized piece of equipment.   Combine that with our lighter weight and more flexible cables, built to eliminate down production lines - you've got a winning solution to your robotic/automation equipment.  Approximately 85-90% of down time can be attributed to damaged cables or hoses...don't wait for this to happen to you!